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About Our Company A Quality Experience Team with 11 years experience

Who We Are

Our team start do Advance Enhance Care Services & support belong to Avnet Company (Distributor). Tech Data Merged with Avnet and still keep same works to support partner and end user (Distributor). Apollo Merged with Tech Data and they stop to do Infrastructure business via Thailand.
GetTags Company initiate business with our same team and transfer professional services & support from Tech Data to serve our customer continuously.

What We Do

  • Technology
  • Data Center Infrastructure On-premise.Infrastructure On Coronation of ISP.Infrastructure On Cloud Platform such as Google, AWS, Azure.

  • Migration
  • Our support for customer since own physical Infrastructure,Hybrid Techs until pure cloud software application kernel installation and migrations.

  • Continuous
  • Customer Business continuous is key of our serve services mine can be avoid the almost less downtime or interruptions will happen in many situations.




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